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Index logistics why choose us

Why Choose Index Logistics ?

01. Fast

We provide fast delivery of goods in any appropriate way for you. All parcels are delivered on time and clearly according to the schedule and order. Significant numbers of couriers can provide a sufficient number of users.

02. Safely & Reliably

Product safety is our top priority. We guarantee that the goods will arrive in the same condition as the courier picked them up, providing detailed before and after photos. We also offer insurance for every shipment.

03. Qualitatively

Our people handle parcels very carefully and accurately. We mark packages with different types of markings to ensure the best delivery conditions.

04. Pleasantly

The whole team, from managers to couriers, is amicable and always puts the buyer's rights in the first place. Delivery workers will be happy to bring you the ordered delivery of goods with best regards.

05. Work with companies

We also carry out the delivery of goods to companies with which contracts have been concluded. It includes delivering on time to the many users waiting for their orders.

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